Who We Are

  We have been doing training for over 15 years and decided to open our own business. We want to continue helping local government agencies, contractors, and companies with their training needs as we have been doing over the years. Our training covers not just safety of the worker, but the facility as well as increasing the individual’s knowledge in their jobs making them safer and better at doing them. We don’t schedule classes in advance and want you to travel to the class. We come to you and instruct your people on your equipment at your facility. It is a lot more cost effective to move one or two instructors to a session than to move your 20 people.  Our scheduling allows us to do classes during the normal business week, weekends, holidays, and even nights to make sure you get the best training for your budget.  Our groups are smaller for training, so we don’t overload the two-way process of learning. We can do all levels of training from beginner to experienced. Just because they have been doing it for 20 years doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a refresher in safety and rethink their knowledge of the operation or machine. We want you to tell us what you are looking to do in a class, that way we can tailor the session to what is needed and not wasting your budget funds on unnecessary time. If you have 10 brand new employees that want a beginner class on a Dozer, we can do that. If you need a Refresher on the OSHA Standards for a bucket truck or forklift, we can do that. We do specialized classes on request and we might be able to make an exciting, knowledgeable class that no one has ever had. We can’t do it overnight, but we will try and make a new requested class for you and find the best instructors out there. We like doing this job and helping all of you.  Let us know what we can do to help you get the training you need. 


David K Page – I was at UF doing classes for the T2 Center and LTAP for 15 years and increased the T2 course. Prior to UF, I was a Mall Manager for Radio Shack and did that for over 7 years. Before that I was in the Air Force for 26 years and my last duty station was at Andrews AFB doing Presidential Support in helicopters as a Flight Engineer. I retired and came back to Florida.

Linda Randi – I worked at the UF T2 Center for over 10 years, as a workshop coordinator. Prior to that I was working for Radio Shack, where David and I met, as an administrative assistant, merchandiser, and also shipping/receiving for over 8 years.