On Site training

TTC - Temporary Traffic Control, formerly MOT

Basic (Flagger)- This course is required for personnel flagging traffic "ONLY"   

Intermediate and Intermediate Refresher

Advanced and Advanced Refresher

Welding Certification

 AWS & ASME Certified Welder
Training & Testing: All Types 

Heavy Equipment Operator Training

We can train both new and experienced operators on machines to OSHA standards, including PPE, classroom, and safety.

Plans Reading

Do your employees know what a set of plans gives them? This basic Plans Reading class tells them about the job and how to understand the drawings.

OSHA Classes

We offer a wide array of courses tailored to your requirements and the OSHA Standards.

Custom Training Available

You have a class on a subject and need help on how and why, we can help.

Courses Offered

Heavy Equipment


Backhoe - Safety/Hands-on 

Bucket Truck Safety/Hands-on 

Crane Truck Safety: New Operator and Experienced Operator Hazard Analysis 

Dozer/Caterpillar - Safety Hands-on 


Forklift-Powered Industrial Truck - Safety/Hands-on 

Front-end Loader Safety/Hands-on 

Gradall Hands-On 

Grapple Truck Operator Orientation and Hazard Analysis 

Heavy Equipment Operator (General) and Working in Work Zones Safety 

Motor Grader Operator Safety/Hands-on 

Skid Steer Hands-On 

Tractor Mower Operator Safety 

Defensive Driving Skills and Crash Prevention 

Load Securement for Truck/Trailering Operations 



Advanced Maintenance of Traffic 

Advanced Maintenance of Traffic - Refresher 

Basic Maintenance of Traffic - Flagging 

Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic 

Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic - Refresher 



Building and Facility Maintenance Safety 

Chainsaw Safety/Hands-on 

Lockout/Tagout: Isolation and Control of Hazardous Energy at Municipal Work Places 

Mobile Equipment and Internal Work Zone Safety 

Personal Protective Equipment 

Preparing for Storms and Recovery Operations 

Public Works Operations Safety Workshop 

Roadside Maintenance Safety 

Shoring and Excavation 

Towing/Rigging/Extraction Techniques 

Tree Working Combination Workshop 



CDL Commercial Driver’s License Vehicle Operations Passenger Vans 

Inspecting Municipal Properties 

Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) - Programming and Maintenance 

Retaining Wall Fundamentals/Inspection 

Welding - Basic Introduction to Concepts, Techniques, and Safety 

Welding - Intermediate Level American Welding Society (AWS) Certification 



ADA - Facilities Access 

ADA/Accessibility Requirements for Highway Design and Pedestrians 

ADA Transition Plans


Competent Person - OSHA Standards 

Confined Space Entry OSHA Certification 

Trenching and Excavation Safety - OSHA Standard

10 Hour and 30 Hour Course