This class option is on hold for a while as the instructor is booked for 2020.



ABOUT THE CLASS:   It is 32 hours of class room and hands on covering principles of welding, including understanding metallurgy of how metals are joined together. You will learn how to cut ferrous metal using Oxygen & Acetylene as well as how to use a Plasma Arc. You will also be taught the proper method to using a grinder to prep metal to be welded and finish off joint after it has been welded. You will learn how to stress relieve metal both with heat treatment and by a sharp blow with a hammer. You will learn the basic type and procedures required to do SMAW (stick) welding which you must learn first then after you have gotten the knack of that method you MAY move onto GMAW (mig) welding using Flux Core. You will receive two (2) welding manuals which explain to you why you have so much trouble welding right. This book is titled: “What You Didn’t Know, You Didn’t Know About Welding”. Many good welders have become great welders after one of these classes.   

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT YOU MUST PROVIDE:   ANSI approved welding helmet (either quick change or full time dark lenses); Welding gloves; either a set of sleeves with bib or welding jacket (leather is much better & safer than the cotton jacket…..which is sometimes cheaper); slag pick and wire brush & safety glasses.    

REQUESTER MUST PROVIDE:   Cutting gases and torch set; Plasma Arc; Welding machine(s); clamps; steel; chop saw; Grinders with replacement wheels; welding rod and wire; and some small hand tools as needed. Two welding manuals are also provided.   

CLASS SIZE:  Minimum of 3 and maximum of 9 persons per class, at this time.   


Welding Intermediate With Certification - American Welding Society (AWS) Certification

 This 32-hour course provides the shop welder with an overview of the  required safety standards as out lined in ANSI Z49.1-1999 and upon  passing the final test and proficiency, the attendee will be issued an  AWS Certification. The following forms of welding will be demonstrated  and taught; ARC, Gas, Cutting, Metal Prep, Integrity, GMAW, and FCAW.  You will learn how to cut ferrous metal using Oxygen & Acetylene as  well as how to use a Plasma Arc. You will also be taught the proper  method of using a grinder to prep metals to be welded and finish off  joint after welding. Stress relieving metals, SMAW (stick) and then GMAW  (mig) if proficient will be taught and evaluated. You must have the  following at all times in the training: ANSI approved helmet, welding  gloves, steel toed shoes, either a set of sleeves with bib or a welding  jacket (leather is much better and safer than the cotton jacket), slag  pick, wire brush, and safety glasses. 


Successful completion of our Basic Welding class or at least 1 year of on the job training is required. 

Certificates and Wallet Cards

Certifications are valid for a lifetime, as long as you maintain a log.  Testing will be by ABC Testing out of Massachusetts  (AWS/ASME/Military approved testing company).  Certifications will be  awarded to the participants who have successfully passed the exam and  practical test.  Any participant who does not achieve a passing score of  70% or higher will receive a letter indicating such.  We ask you to  allow up to two (2) weeks for your results to arrive at the email  address you provided at the time of registration.